Our Code of conduct

Committing to values

This Code of Conduct is a guideline to ensure a respectful and enjoyable environment at the TUM School of Management.

In accordance with the school’s mission, vision, and strategy TUM School of Management commits itself to the highest ethical standards of personal and collective behavior:


Honesty, responsibility, trust, fairness, diversity, equity, sustainability and a scientific approach.



Prof. Dr. Amy Zhao-Ding is sitting in an illuminated stairway wearing a green blazer, a white shirt and black pants.


Being truthful and sincere in communication and action. At TUM School of Management this value of honesty should be reflected in your conduct and your compliance with TUM School of Management’s legislation and regulations.

Phd candidate Cafer Bakac is standing in a movie theatre wearing a white shirt and beige trousers.


Understanding our educational mission as a responsibility towards society. Scientific advancement strives for the improvement of human life and coexistence.

Phd candidate Baturhan Bayraktar is standing in a movie theatre wearing a suit and a red shirt.


Believe that people are good and honest and mean you no harm. Trust that you can rely on the information given to you. Reflect this value in your own behavior by being honest and respectful. Give people a reason to trust you.

Prof. Dr. Chengguang Li is standing on TUM Campus Heilbronn wearing a grey-blue suit, a light blue shirt and a blue tie.suit


Making decisions impartially and objectively. Conduct is free from competing self-interest, prejudice, nepotism, and favoritism. Be open when meeting people in a fair and nonjudgmental way.

Researcher Dr. Sara Caprioli is standing in a movie theatre wearing a brown shirt with a necklace and beige pants .


Respect everyone regardless of their ethnicity, gender, abilities, cultural background, religion or belief, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, lifestyle, age, interests, and experiences. At TUM School of Management we see diversity as an opportunity and an enrichment of our community.

Phd candidate Sairam Siraman is standing in a bright building wearing a blue suit, a light blue shirt and a blue tie.


Recognize that each individual is unique and has unique circumstances. Everyone deserves an equitable chance regardless of their background. Appreciate that we are all different in order to equal opportunity.

Phd candidate Sofia Abid is standing in a movie theatre wearing a blue blazer and a light blue blouse.


Maintaining environmental sources at a level that does not exhaust natural resources or produce unnecessary waste.

Prof. Dr. Siddharth Vedula is standing in a movie theatre wearing a blue suit and a white shirt.

Scientific approach

Applying a scientific approach, evaluating our own unconscious biases, challenging dogmas, and doubting that which has not been proven.

Get involved

All members of TUM School of Management are individually accountable for their own actions and, as a community, we are collectively responsible for sustaining the school’s ethical standards and acting in compliance with all principles and commitments of the Code of Conduct.