The TUM School of Management Digital Initiative:

Understanding the impact of digital transformation on society and businesses

The TUM School of Management Digital Initiative aims to advance our understanding of the impact rapid digital transformation is having on society and businesses.

Digital technologies continue to transform businesses across sectors. As a result, traditional industries are exposed to a tremendous amount of disruptive change, forcing them to transform digitally. In addition to competitive challenges, digitalization also provides businesses with great opportunities and sources for innovation, enabling them to find alternative revenue streams through novel services and products. Having coherent digital strategies is a significant competitive advantage and a key differentiator between successful and unsuccessful organizations.

Our internationally recognized research activities are driven by the goal to provide solutions to the grand societal challenges of our time. Positioned at the interface between management and technology, the TUM School of Management is perfectly equipped to address the challenges posed and explore the opportunities offered by digital transformation by building expertise and developing solutions that will enable us to thrive in a changing global environment.